28/11/2005 : Nintendo reached a historical agreement with METEOR Networks for the launch of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection on public French hotspots.

Paris, november 25th 2005 – The world of Wi-Fi and Video Games is to live a revolution.
On the 28th of November 2005, Nintendo will play with the Wi-Fi technologu. Indeed, they concluded a partnership with METEOR Networks, 1st alternative public WiFi hotspots operator. With Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, France is getting in the new videogame era, by allowing anyone to play easily, securely and freely against their friends or their relatives, anywhere in the World.

With your Nintendo DS, you have 3 options to battle anyone in the world :

1) Players can go in any METEOR WiFi hotspots. To locate a METEOR WiFi hotspot, get connected to and indicate the city or the zip code. This directory will be available the 28th of November 2005.

2) Nintendo will also install Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection areas in the major videogames resellers, anywhere in France. You will be able to play anywhere.

3) People who have an Internet access at home will also be able to enjoy this free simple and secure service. You just need a WiFi access point, and an active connection to the high-speed Internet.

The Nintendo WiFi game service is absolutely free: no subscription or connection fees to pay. It is really easy to use: get connected and select the Wi-Fi option. But on top of that, Nintendo WiFi Connection is an environment totally secure. They can select who they want to play with: their friends, players with the same level.
Moreover, when they play anonymously, they cannot send any personal information or receive injurious or obscene messages.

“With Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Nintendo has redefined portable gaming. We have removed one of the major barriers that have kept people from going online to play games. All videogames addicts have now a real reason to play on Wi-Fi” declared Jim Merrick, Senior marketing manager for Nintendo Europe.
Nintendo WiFi Connection will be deployed through Europe with several access providers and Wi-Fi partners in each country. With such an easy and secure interactive game mode, players won’t have any excuse anymore not to get connected and participate.

Nintendo DS is the first Nintendo console to get access to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.
The launch of Nintendo Wi-Fi service matches with the come-back of the well known Mario Kart DS. Tony Hawk’s American SK8Land from Activision is another game fully compatible with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. It is the first 3D Tony Hawk for handheld Nintendo console.

The Nintendo Wi-Fi service will be launched in France the 25th of November 2005. This service will e available in METEOR Nintendo hotspots from November the 28th.

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